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ChemFoam Has Delivered Specialized Polyurethane Solutions Since 1992


ChemFoam International was founded to link worldwide polyurethane raw material suppliers to polyurethane manufacturers.  ChemFoam accomplishes this goal either by acting as a manufacturer’s representative for a major global raw material supplier in a new market, by private-labeling fine chemicals, or by manufacturing its own innovative polyurethane additives.  Through this hybrid model, ChemFoam offers specialized polyurethane solutions to its customers, while delivering high-quality polyurethane raw materials at a low-cost and with exceptional customer service.

Our Mission Statement

ChemFoam International’s mission is to be the preeminent marketer and seller of polyurethane raw materials worldwide by:

  • Developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and principals.

  • Empowering customers to take advantage of the benefits of global raw material sourcing, without being subject to its drawbacks.

  • Providing global urethane raw material suppliers with seamless access to new geographic markets, including customer bases, market dynamics, and logistical structures.


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