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ChemFoam is the missing link between the global raw materials supplier and the local polyurethane manufacturer.


As an agent, ChemFoam employs a global raw material supplier’s strategy, mission, and sales goals, as an extension of the company itself. By pairing this representation with ChemFoam’s knowledge of the new market’s customer base, market dynamics, and logistical structures, a global supplier can seamlessly enter an untapped foreign market as a “local” supplier.

For a polyurethane manufacturer, ChemFoam’s logistical expertise and technical know-how provides the opportunity to source raw materials from top global suppliers without the extraordinary time and costs associated with searching for and vetting a foreign supply source.

At ChemFoam, we thrive on “Turning Global Into Local.”  We accomplish this goal through our industry leading Worldwide Market Knowledge, Supply Chain Coordination, and Urethane Expertise.

Worldwide Market Knowledge


By building relationships with customers, suppliers, and principals located around the world for over 30 years, ChemFoam has developed unrivaled knowledge of the worldwide urethane markets.  This knowledge assists a both the customer and supplier in understanding market dynamics, pricing trends, and strategic opportunities.  Further, it allows both the customer and the supplier much quicker and more targeted access to international supply or a new a customer base.

Supply Chain Coordination


With extensive experience in importing products into North America and Europe from all continents, ChemFoam simplifies the international shipping experience for a global raw material supplier or local customer.  Additionally, for most of its products and suppliers, ChemFoam organizes and manages domestic logistics to supply local customers.  This includes setting up tanking and warehousing points in the target country or continent, as well as leveraging its trucking and rail relationships to move material within the target market efficiently and cost-effectively.

Urethane Expertise


Since 1992, ChemFoam has only sold and marketed urethane raw materials.  Urethanes are what we know. Unlike a general chemical distributor or even a large chemical company, ChemFoam only deals with raw materials for the urethane markets.  We have an excellent understanding of both the customers’ and suppliers’ needs within this market.   We see ourselves as solutions providers, linking a customer’s product specifications, delivery requirements, and target applications with a supplier’s capabilities and market goals.

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